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Homes & Communities can now be visualized with new 3-D software, which can create a rendering of both the exterior but also what you can expect on the homes interior. The benefit of this technology is having a better understanding of what is being presented to the person who will ultimately then use the design, or the rendering can help in marketing to others.  

  New Mediterranean Home by New Design Studios 

                 An interior rendering of the New Mediterranean Home


 From the New French Home portfolio 

                 An interior rendering of the New French Home

2 - D  M o d e l i n g

  Plans and elevations are first developed using 2-D information


 A rendering can allow a designer to look at color combinations


           Or, invision how the living room will openout to the logia and pool area.


                            Arbor Lane Cottage

T H E   3 - D  P R O C E S S

The latest innovations in the design process is called BIM, which is short for building information modeling and works from a database, choices are selected from an object-based process. It is this database that gives the model a new dimension of services, such as cost estimating and scheduling along with its 3-D imaging capability.  

  C o t t a g e   P l a n s 

  French Cottage

French Cottage plan

  The Lakeview Cottage by Smith Plans 

                            Arbors Cottage


 Arbors Cottage plan


  The start of developing a site plan  

                           First view of the front exterior

 3D Architectural Designs the leading way to present your ideas.

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